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ヒュパス! by カサロク

魅神 鸿逵 Hongkui Mikami

Nickname: Honkui (written as “book eater”: 本食い)Age: 16Birthday: 6 MayHeight: 1,70 mBlood Type: ABLikes: Reading, silence, poetry, looking smartDislikes: Close-minded people, ignorance, talking about trivial thingsYuki’s notes: He’s interesting, but it’s really hard talking to him… often acts like a jerk, but he can be nice. Also has a pretty obvious crush on Fantome. No one seems to notice though? Or maybe no one cares about it? I don’t get it.

First-year at Shigo Academy and second member of the Phantom Brigade. Sarcastic and smart, he’s a big bookworm. Started reading since childhood, taking advantage of his family’s library. He soon developed a love for poetry and learnt French and English thanks to Charles Baudelaire’s and Oscar Wilde’s works. Can be a bit too snob. His mother is Chinese, while his father is Japanese.He becomes a Ghost because “dealing with others is a bother”. Joins the group to use the hideout as a reading room.


Game of Thrones


Throne of Games



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